The Tre Galline restaurant food is strongly linked to the territory from which it receives not only the raw materials, but also the history and the gastronomic meaning. Every recipe is studied, but also reinvented in a contemporary way. The Tre Galline has been offering for about 500 years the typical recipes of Turin, trying to combine in a creative way, the memory, the ingredients, the techniques, but also a more cutting edge culinary vision: cooking, seasonal ingredients, historical recipes and seasonings are reinterpreted by the chef Andrea Chiuni, who has given his personal mark to the restaurant.

Tasting menù

€ 58,00 (Cover charge included)

Seirass vaccine homemade with seasonal fresh produce

Fassona raw meat, anchovy sauce, fried capers and scorzonera

Vitello Tonnato

Traditional Turin agnolotti with roast sauce

Veal cheek braised with nebbiolo wine

Bunèt of Tre Galline


Homemade cow’s milk Seirass with herb salad and seasonal produce price 13

Fassona raw meat, anchovy sauce, fried capers and scorzonera 15

Fried sweetbread, robiola fondue, Bruxselles sprouts and marinated onion 16

Our Vitello Tonnato 15

Egg soup, hazelnut sauce, Jerusalem artichoke chips and sweet and sour leek 15

First Courses

Soup of mushrooms, carrots, and turkey rolatin alla Marengo 18

Fresh pasta noodles, with cream of purple cabbage, Castelmagno, and white ragout of Bra sausage 15

Traditional Turin agnolotti, three roasts with roast sauce 16

Risotto with onion cream, marrow in batter and beer sauce (min. 2 pax) 15

Potato gnocchi, beetroot cream, blue cheese fondue, toasted walnuts and parsley oil 15

Main Courses

Fassona fillet cooked with hay, mousse of new potatoes, artichoke and thyme base 24

Veal cheek, braised with Nebbiolo wine 18

“Our” Finanziera 25

Fish of the day second market, lentil cream, late radicchio and licorice powder

Piedmontese mixed boiled, (7 cuts of the Piedmontese boiled served to the cart) with its sauces 32

Vegetables of the day, second market 8

Cheese board & Desserts

Cheese to cart according to quantity

Bunet of Tre Galline 7

Montebianco 8

Tarte Tatin, with cinnamon ice cream 7

Blancmange with Alkermes yogurt and mint mousse 7