Coming from Porta Palazzo on Via Tre Galline we find the homonym restaurant; its presence in that corner of Turin is so old that no one knows if it takes its name from the street or vice versa. It was amongst the first restaurants in the city and some of the XVIII Century novels mention an inn named Tre Galline. From year 1991 the restaurant management – after the renovation by the architects Gabetti, Isola, Fusari and Paglieri – has undertaken the path that allowed it to obtain today’s widespread acceptance from the gastronomic critics and from the public.


Tre Galline restaurant food could be considered “neoclassical Torinese”. The executive chef Andrea Chiuni and chef Luigi Rosato creatively interpret the recipes of the region without ever conceding to showmanship or to imitation, maintaining the welcoming, elegant, and convivial spirit of Torinese hospitality as an ultimate goal.

The food is strongly linked to the territory from which it receives not only the raw materials, but also the history and the gastronomic meaning.

Tre Galline has been offering for about 500 years the typical recipes of Turin, trying to combine in a creative way, the memory, the ingredients, the techniques, but also a more cutting edge culinary vision: cooking, seasonal ingredients, historical recipes and seasonings are reinterpreted by the chefs.

The restaurant service is led by Leonardo de Boni, Maitre d’ and sommelier, that politely and professionally accompanies the guests through the experiences of taste, wine and territory.